on this thursday

Thursday, July 30, 2009

thursdays are odd days, a mix of joy and sadness. cooper's birth and death occurred on thursdays.

in the months after cooper died i realized just how many babies are born with heart defects, thanks to the world of blogging. at first i read every babies' story, but i soon realized that this was counterproductive and did not help me with my own grief. it kept me in a constant state of tears and made me angry that some of these children had much more complicated heart issues than cooper, and they were alive and he was gone. but then i realized that every heart case is different and comparing them all to cooper was torturing myself. so i stopped reading.

but there is one blog that i periodically check in on from time to time. and this week i learned that baby stellan is literally fighting for his life (see his button on my sidebar). my heart aches for this baby, his parents, siblings and all who love him. i admire their strength, courage and faith in the midst of a very terrifying and difficult situation.

so, on this thursday, i am thinking of cooper, but i am also thinking about baby stellan and his family. and i know that cooper is watching over him. i would love to send them a cooper bird, but have no idea where to send it.......

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  1. I also read the blog and felt my heart crack. I hope you find a way to send one of Cooper's birds; they certainly need all the support they can get.
    We all c an support them in our hearts too.
    Thanks for sharing.