sun sand and salt

Thursday, February 5, 2009

we have returned to santa fe after a week in the sun, sand and salt. it was absolutely amazing and was the perfect prescription for our weary souls and wounded hearts.

the weather was perfect, clear blue skies, warm sun, sparkling water and the comforting sound of waves crashing a shore. the whales were teaching their young the ways of the sea, strengthening them and showing them how to swim and dive, and preparing them for their 6000 mile journey back to the cold waters of alaska. striped marlin were in a feeding frenzy which allowed us to bear witness to not only their greatness but the seals and dolphins that share their sea. cooper allowed his daddy and pappous to catch three marlins, knowing that they would be released back into the sea as soon as they were caught. we explored the town of todos santos, where the streets were dirt, buildings colorful and "hotel california" was written. there were moments of joy, tears of sadness, periods of laughter, bits of healing, the comforting presence of cooper and an overwhelming feeling of hope.

we will return to rochester on monday feeling rested, our hearts mended a little more and hopeful that life will be a little kinder in the coming days.

until then.....

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