Friday, February 13, 2009

i love...
the smell of the ocean
the feel of my favorite pair of jeans
the way my cowboy boots fit my feet
the quiet after the first major snowstorm
the smell of my puppies' paws
the sound of bailey and sabre singing to rascall flats
the start of college football

i love....
starting a new knitting project
starbucks black tea lemonade
the first sip of a cold diet coke
monthly manicures and pedicures
matinee movies
an ice cold beer on a hot day
fresh cut flowers from my back yard

i love....
my precious husband
my amazing family
my dear sweet friends

but nothing prepared me for the love i would have for my cooper. it is a love so pure, so deep, so raw. a love that exists in the deepest core of my being. a love that trancends life and death.

i love...
the way he smelled
the way he made squeaky bird noises
the way he smiled when he slept
the way he touched my face when the doctors showed him to me after he was born
the way he made funny faces
the way he rubbed his head when he got mad
the way his hair grew, just like mine
the way he made me a better person
the way he changed me forever
the way he taught me what true love is......

wishing you a little love on this valentines eve....

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