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Sunday, January 6, 2013

happy 2013.
i hope you and yours had a great holiday.
we had a one filled with family
friends, food, magic and lots of germs.

we are home.
and settling into 2013.
its like a pair of jeans,
you have wear them a while
to decide if they are going to
become your favorite.

i made a list of goals for 2013.
they have earned their own post.
this is a first, but there is so much in my head
it warranted a list.

in the weeks since i last wrote
i have come face to face with the challenges of parenting.
it can be ugly and hard.
but thank goodness for the moments, however fleeting of pure bliss.

i laughed until i cried
while watching this is 40.
the reality of that number sinking in.

i moved through the anniversary
of cooper's death with relative ease.
a sure sign of continued healing.

chace has made significant strides
in the potty training department.
however, much to my chagrin i
am still cleaning poop out of underwear.

i ate my way through the holidays.
gaining 5 pounds in a short period.

i seem to be reminded of the fragility
of life and the need to live each moment
to the fullest.
it can change in an instant.

i am excited and hopeful
for what this year holds.
i can not wait to share the journey
with you.


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