A shift on the mat

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

there has been a shift,
a shift taking place
on my yoga mat

i don't know what to make of it, yet.

i noticed it yesterday
and figured it was because
i had not practiced in 3 weeks.
i noted the change and kept moving.

tonight the feeling was still there.
things feel different.
i don't know why, really.

maybe it's because i am not trying so hard.
maybe i am letting myself be vulnerable.
maybe i have let me walls down, inside the studio.
maybe its because i am so hard on myself in my daily life,
that i just am cutting myself some slack.

i cant put my finger on the shift.

i feel more in my body and out of my head.
my thoughts are not bombarding me.
i am listening to my body.
my movements are more deliberate.
i am less focused on message from the instructor,
finding my own message along the way.

i am not sure why the shift has taken place
or what it means.
but for now i am just going to find an acceptance of it.
but i am open to explanations.....


  1. Beautiful. Makes me want to try yoga again!

  2. That's how I know when I've had a really good practice - when I'm able to shut out everything and not think about my day-to-day. Embrace it!