d day

Sunday, October 14, 2012

tomorrow is d day.
otherwise known as
no more diapers day.
or operation potty training.
or designated big boy underwear day.

chace attends a montessori school.
he is currently in the toddler room.
he will soon be ready to move up
to the primary room.

he desperately wants to go upstairs
to the big class room.
there is something intriguing about
going up the stairs.
and alot of his friends from last year
have moved upstairs.

but in order to move up
he has to be potty trained.
its the montessori way.

i was talking to his teacher
and she thinks i should just send him
to school in underwear.
as well as several changes of clothes.
this makes me very nervous.
but she has potty trained alot of toddlers.
so i trust her.

i am still nervous.
my biggest fear is getting
from the house to school
without an accident.
i guess that i why
i am bringing several sets of clothes.

let the operation potty training commence.
lets hope i have enough strength to endure!


  1. We need to do this with Stella too. She is such a stubborn girl! Elena was trained by the time she was just over two, and Stella at nearly three basically refuses. It's annoying.

    You'll be fine! Just be patient, and try really really REALLY hard to not get mad when he has an "accident." And remember patience. And if that fails: Remember Pinot.

    Sending love!!


  2. We did Montessori as well (with my oldest), and I remember parents making a very quick change getting their kids into underwear as soon as they arrived at the school - it prevented any car seat mishaps (which would have been pretty much impossible to clean by pick-up!).
    Peer motivation can be a powerful thing - hope it goes smoothly (and quickly!).

  3. You can always put a diaper down (open out flat) on the car seat underneath him to catch any accidents. You'll still have to change his clothes if he has an accident, but that's a whole lot easier than washing a car/booster seat cover.

    Good luck!