today is the day...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

today is the day.....

.. to let go of some of the hurt, not the BIG hurt i do that everyday, but some of the stuff i have been holding on to.

.. to branch out and take a class with a new yoga teacher.

.. to allow myself to rest.

.. to let chace help me make dinner and not care about the mess he makes.

.. to recommit to my yoga practice.

.. to let go of some control.

.. to be kinder to myself. be able to truly be empathetic.

.. to start weight watchers. enjoy the moments with chace. accept what is. stand up for myself. be more patient. start having family dinners more often. play soccer with chace.

.. to chase my dreams, not matter how far away they seem. realize that i may not accomplish this list today and there is always tomorrow. understand that the point is live every single moment as if it were my last, with no regrets.

today is the day......

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