tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

** chace and i made pumpkin, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies yesterday.

** they are so good.

**potty training is going well.

** except for pooping.

** i am so tired of cleaning poop pants.

** i want to throw them away.

** ph says he will clean them.

** so i have been leaving them in his sink.

**yoga was awesome tonight.

** the whole is the goal.

** mayday underground is in two weeks.

** i have spent the last two days cutting fabric.

** getting ready for a sewing marathon.

**i know i have said this before, but if you dont watch homeland, you should!

** the new website is getting closer to launching.

** i love it!

** chace has thursday and friday off of school.

** parent teacher conferences.

** chace is going to be a hedgehog for halloween.

** he picked out the costume.

** happy tuesday!

** xoxo

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  1. HOMELAND is soooo great....It takes your breath away....xoxo