dear chace

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dear chace.

you are now two months away from two years old. and to be honest with you, you are beginning to act like you are already two. i understand why they call it the terrible twos. when you don't get your way,  you know how to turn on the tantrum. holy all out temper tantrum. you throw yourself on the floor, kick, hit, throw whatever is in your path. i try to ignore you but sometime i just want to laugh at you. i am not sure where you get your temper. (haha) what i do love about this age, is that you don't hold a grudge. as soon as you are finished expressing your displeasure you return to your happy, sweet little self.

in the last month you have turned into a little magpie. you repeat whatever you hear us say.  you are putting words together in small sentences, which makes communication between us much easier. we can actually have a conversation.

while you don't really understand christmas, or maybe you do understand. you certainly know who santa is and love asking "where santa?". when i ask you what you want santa to bring you, you reply "owl and a cup".  hopefully santa will deliver. i can not wait to see the wonderment in your eyes on christmas morning.

you continue to thrive in school. after two days of being home sick, upon returning to school, you ran into the classroom and shook ms. gerrie's hand. i love it that you have taken such an interest in learning and that you love school so much. i love it when you apply what what you are learning in school to life at home. it makes us feel good about your academic environment.

we head to yaya and pappous on monday. you are going to meet your younger cousin for the first time. i am not sure how you will feel about sharing your grandparents, but i think you will learn to love finn.
we are hoping to take you to the ski area and have you play in the snow. your dad is itching to get you on skis. you do love watching ski videos with your dad, so i feel pretty confident that you will take to the slopes.

this time of year is hard for your dad and i, but you make it bearable. you bring such joy into our lives and for that we are thankful.

happy 22 months sweet boy.

love you


  1. Dear Chace,
    I can't write yet, so I am having my dad write this for me. I can't wait to meet you. I am really close to crawling and I am sure that you will have the secrets to fully making it happen so I can be mobile. I think we'll be fast friends and I hope you can show me all sorts of things from a big boy's perspective. Christmas will be fun, though I have no idea what it is really. But I hear there is paper involved and I love to rip and try to eat paper, so that should be quite fun I am sure.
    Well, I can't wait to meet you on Tuesday. I hope the plane flight goes well for you and I am sure mom and dad hope it goes well for me too.
    Your cousin,

  2. and the Ya-Ya and Pa-Pou can't wait to see and love you both...xoxo