i wish

Friday, August 7, 2009

i wish i had this yarn two years ago. a lovely kid silk haze like yarn with loads of tiny beads already strung on the yarn. it would have made making this dress a whole lot easier! in case you are wondering, i made this dress to wear to my little brothers rehearsal dinner. this was the knitting project that brought me to my knees, between the lace pattern and randomly hand crocheting tiny beads every 5-6 stitches, it literally kicked my ass. but i am stubborn and persevered. i had just started dating my precious husband when i started this project, he would call, and my response was always "cant talk, i am working on THE dress". i am amazed he stuck around, but he says it was worth it in the end!


  1. I am speechless with admiration! An heirloom, for sure.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! And yes, it was sure worth struggling ;-)

  3. Oh my! As usual, I am jealous as can be and inspired by your genius!

  4. amazing.
    a truly lovely piece.

  5. It is a beautiful work of art. I remember when we all wore White
    to the rehearsal dinner. I wore my same white linen skirt and lace
    jacket to Green Pastures last month for Sunday Brunch!
    Thinking of you -

  6. one of my all-time favs of yours

  7. i remember you knitting it on the TRAIN !!! Trying not to let little beads roll around. Awesome.