aglaia's placemat 2.0

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

remember this post?
well, i received an order for 8 of aglaia's placemats not to long ago and it was my plan to have them in my etsy shop, but the problem is that they are TIME CONSUMING.

so my wheels started turning and today i created a fabric version. i like them; however, there are a few little wrinkles i need to work out. overall, not bad for the first attempt.

which do you like better, the knit or fabric version of aglaia's placemat? do tell.....


  1. I like them both! If you're going to be making them in bulk and the fabric ones are easier to make then that's would I would do.

    I would probably buy the fabric ones because in my mind they would be more machine washable. For my house, I love the combination on the knit ones though!

  2. I think I like the fabric version better, if only because I like the patterned background with the solid pockets better than the other way around.

    I agree that the fabric placemats seem more machine washable, too.

    I think that, between the practicality and the cost (I'm assuming the knit placemats would cost more because of the level of effort), you should be able to offer both in your store and not have to worry too much about having too many knit orders to keep up with.

  3. I love the knit combination with the fabric. But yes, time. It would take me an entire year to complete 8!

  4. I like both but probably the fabric ones are more practical. I do hate that word though! :P