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Saturday, December 20, 2008

thank you for all your calls, emails and messages. our grief is overwhelming and pretty much all consuming, but we find comfort in knowing that we and cooper are so loved by both friends and family.

we had our first big snowstorm yesterday, the snow is so clean and pure almost as if cooper was trying to wash away the ugliness of the previous day.

jamey and i are trying to function. the waves of sadness and anger tend to be constant with a breif respite in between, usually provided by our two dogs. they seem to be trying to absorb our sadness for us, as much as they can.

we have decided to have cooper cremated and will spread his ashes in a couple of places at a later date. At this moment we just cant comprehend having a service, but will have mike, my uncle, come do one in a couple of months. we dont know yet know what that service will look like.

in the meantime, if you want to do anything you can honor cooper by sending donations to one of the following two places or you can send them to us and we will get them to the appropriate place. This would mean more to us than flowers or food.

1.Ronald McDonald House Within the Hospital
601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester Ny 14642

make check payable to Ronald Mcdonald house and put a note that it is in honor of cooper austin snyder gerenski

2. Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Golisano Childrens Hospital
300 East River RoadBox 278996
rochester ny 14627

make a check payable to golisan childrens hospital with a note that funds should go to pediatric cardiac intensive care unit and that it is honor of cooper austin snyder gerenski.

we will continue to post updates here, so that you all know how we are doing. it also helps us with the grieving process, i think.

thank you again for all your love and support, we do feel it.
lucinda and jamey

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