long days

Saturday, December 27, 2008

We hope you had a merry christmas. We survived. It was nice to have family around and to be together but it was a very difficult day for everyone.

Before Cooper went in for the surgery, we began to establish a rhythm to our days and now there is no rhythm at all. The days seem to last for an eternity and I anxiously await night fall so that I can go to bed and not have to miss Cooper. In those hours of sleep my heart doesnt ache and for a brief moment I can forget how much I miss the sight, smell, sound and feel of Cooper. But reality hits like a ton of bricks the moment I open my eyes and I begin counting the hours till I can go back to sleep.

I just dont know how to even begin to put my heart back together.

We have decided to have Cooper's memorial service in May. This way we can have it outside among the flowers. We will let you know more as we finalize details.

I cant tell you enough how much all your love, support, thoughts and prayers have meant to us and they truly are what helps through each day.

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