surgery underway

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know that surgery is underway.

we woke this morning to a winter wonderland which is great for the holiday mood, but not so great when your surgeon is driving in from syracuse. we arrived at the hospital by 8:15 and then waited till about 10 for the surgeon to arrive. Cooper was quite cranky since he had not been able to eat since 3 am and he was not to be fooled by the pacifier.

we met Dr Alfieris around 10. He is a rock star. interestingly enough he is greek, both his parents are from greece. he explained the surgery and he risks, signed the consent forms and then they took Cooper away, which was so painful, like someone ripping your heart out. I know he is in good hands. Dr. Alfieris said that every time you brush your teeth, he is performing heart surgery on a child.

It is 11;15 and Coopers cardiologist just came in to let us know that the surgery is underway, the first hour is for setting up and and prepping Cooper for surgery. We dont expect for things to be finished until 2:30 or 3:00 and then there will be a period of stabilization before they move Cooper to the PICU.

so we are now just waiting.......

more later.....
lucinda jamey and cooper

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