tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

** we had chicken enchilada soup for dinner.

** i love the crockpot.

** tomorrow wilbur is being butchered.

** no, this is not the pig from charlotte's web.

** it is a 600 pound cow that we purchased with two other families.

** this means that soon i will have 200 pounds of red meat in my freezer.

** i hope that there is room.

** sunday we are having a family photo shoot at a pumpkin patch.

** i am pretty excited about it.

** chace only had one accident today.

** m&ms do wonders.

** but i want to eat them too.

** i had a great yoga practice tonight.

** homeland sunday was AMAZING.

** in my next life i am going to be in the CIA

** last night i started reading the causal vacancy.

** i hope my expectations are not too high.

** i sent out the first batch of rewards today for the lucends: stitching from the heart campaign.

** the website is coming along.

** i am so excited to share it with you all.

** i am joyful.

** are you?


  1. I am joyful too....I had a wonderful kiln....We have to be thankful for each small thing......xoxo Mom

  2. how do I not know about Stitching from the heart?? We don't talk enough anymore, I've decided. I miss you like Texas misses the rain, luc. Really. A lot. xoxoxoxo