i want to be a hedgehog

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

around the end of september
chace and i started talking about
what he wanted to be for halloween.

he looked at me with a
blank look in his eye,
as is if to say, what is halloween?

i pulled up the pottery barn kids website
and we started looking at costumes.
each one we came to, he said "no"

then all of sudden, a hedgehog was on the screen
his eyes got big and lit up.
he pointed to the screen
and said "i want to be a hedgehog, mamma"

so, we ordered the costume.
when it arrived and we opened the box.
he wanted nothing to do with it.
he would not try it on
he said he didnt want to be a hedgehog.

i didnt push it.

i would ask him what he was going to be for halloween.
"i am going to be a hedgehog, but i dont want to wear the costume,"
was the standard response he gave.
he remained steadfast in his refusal to wear his costume.

so we have a really cute hedgehog costume
hanging in the closet
and a mama who is hoping he will wear it next year.

happy halloween!

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