tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

** happy tuesday.

** it feels like i havent written a tidbits post in a while.

** the lucends indiegogo campaign is closed.

** i exceed my goal.

** woohoo!

** thank you to all who helped out!

** i can not wait to share the website with you all!

** it will be ready the end of september.

**chace is at art camp this week.

** this is giving me some much needed work time.

** the artsy mamas show is august 16th

** atritst row at the public market is september september 16th.

** i am greece in between the two shows!

** i am so excited to return to greece.

** chace, my mom and i will head over two weeks before ph and my dad.

** i have loved watching the olympics.

** i am staying up way too late.

** that usa women's soccer game was something else yesterday.

** i am looking forward to the gold medal game on thursday.

** it has been very hot here.

** i am looking forward to fall.

** it is my favorite season.

**ok. i have to go pick up chace from camp.

** have a good one

** xoxo

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