reflection : a year of yoga

Thursday, August 2, 2012

it is hard to believe
that is has been a year since
i completed my new to yoga series.

i was skeptical when i signed up
and downright nervous when
i walked into the studio for
that first class.

but much to my surprise
i loved it and it has become
an important part of my life.

what do i love?

the messages
the sweat
the ability to have 75 minutes completely to myself
the strength i feel
the sense of calm and clarity it brings
the lessons it teaches
the friends i have made
the community
the mental challenge
the physical challenge
the emotional challenge
the heat

what have i learned?

to breathe deeply
to allow myself to be vulnerable
to be kind to myself
to trust myself
to be more patient with those around me
that my gut is usually right
that challenges are simply challenges.
that i am physically stronger than i give myself credit for
that i often think too much
that grief work continues even in the middle of half moon

i do not have a body that screams
i practice yoga, maybe one day i will
but i can do poses now
that i never dreamed i would be able to do.
i am stronger, much stronger
and my life is much fuller because
of this practice.

1 comment:

  1. Woot woot. You are a yogi my friend. On the mat and off. So happy you found your practice. Love you. Get to see your mama and papa next week, can't wait! Sheila