Tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

* hi there

* how are you?

* I know it has been awhile.

* it was a rough winter.

* and I think the fog is starting to lift.

* I can feel spring in the air.

* I see it in brief glimpses, glimpses that give me hope.

* I battle depression on a regular basis, but it is always worse in the winter.

* this winter it was really bad, a constant struggle.

* to be honest, I had things to say and share but I just couldn't make myself write.

* but today it feels right, like I said the fog is lifting.

* what have been up to?

* well, lucends launched a wholesale line.

* I have been working with an amazing surface designer to create my own fabric line for fall.

* there have been photo shoots, design edits, meetings with my sales rep and craft show applications

* I will be a vendor at the country living fair, put on by country living magazine.

* I am beyond excited and a little bit scared.

* oh , and then there is life with a 3 year old.

* full of fun, laughter, tantrums, funny sayings, play dates and lots of poop.

* yes, we are still battling poop.

*give me strength!

* despite a rough winter, I guess I have been busy!

* but it is good to be back.

* what have you been up to?

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  1. i hear you on brutal winter. Your work sounds so amazing and creative. I want to see it in person!