no words

Friday, December 14, 2012

there are no words
for the events that took
place today in newtown ct.

there are no words.
there is sadness.
there is outrage.
there is immense grief.
but there are no words.

my heart hurts
for the families of those
precious children whose
lives were cut short.

i wish i could hold
each of their parents.
i would tell them i understand
how their heart is shattered
in a million pieces.

i would tell them
that their grief is my grief.
i would tell them that i feel
the weight of their loss.

i would tell them
that i know this club
they have unwilling entered.

i would hold them close.
i would absorb their tears.
i would listen to their screams.
i would just be there,
knowing that there is nothing
that can make it hurt less.

and i would tell them
that out of the darkness comes light.
it may take days, weeks, months or years,
but the light will come.

they must hold on to the
knowledge and hope that it will come.
and until that day arrives, there are many people
who are shining the light on them
and their sweet precious angels.

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