two and a half

Thursday, September 20, 2012

hold him a little longer
rock him a little more
tell him another story
(you've only told him four)
let him sleep on your shoulder
rejoice in his happy smile
he is only two and a half
for such a little while

           _author unknown

i was looking for a particular quote this evening on one of my pinterest boards, when this caught my eye. i needed this reminder today.


  1. could he BE any cuter? And how did he get so big so fast? I remember when he was six months old - and him and Stella were frolicking in the grass with Bailey. Sadface. They grow too fast. Way too fast.

  2. it goes by way too fast. he and stella were so small when you came to visit. chace and i need to visit MN. they need to get reaquainted. they didnt even crawl then.... look at them now!


  3. O my!!...It's only been a month since we've seen you guys and he already looks so much older!! Why do they have to grow so fast?? Can't wait to catch up with you guys on tuesday!