tuesday tidbits

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

** this sinus infection is kicking my ass.

** my teeth hurt, my eyes hurt, basically everything on my head hurts.

**but i started antibiotics today so hopefully that will do the trick.

** i NEED to get back to yoga.

** i have not been since i returned home.

** i feared that i might drown in yellow snot during downward dog.

** i know, not a pretty image.

** i am heading to utica this weekend for the Indie Garage Sale.

** of course i am trying to sew lots of new stuff in record time.

** have you been watching the voice?

** love that show.

** you know what else i love?

** homeland

** fall

** and apples with peanut butter.

**my hair is finally feeling long and i dare say it is past the awkward growing out stage.

** the website is coming together.

** beyond excited to share it.

** soon my friends soon

** back to the sewing machine.

** happy tuesday

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  1. I love Homeland! I can't wait for this weekend - Dexter and Homeland back to back. I'll be up past my bedtime, but so worth it. Do you watch Dexter?
    - Amanda