i have an idea

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

i have an idea
is a phrase that chace
uses frequently.
i am not sure where
he acquired such a phrase,
but it seemed appropriate for this post.

chace still uses a paci.
there is part of me that
is horrified to admit that to you.
but it is true.

he does not take it to school.
ideally, he only uses it at naptime
and bedtime.
i said ideally.

but the reality is he loves his paci.
he also knows that if he asks for it
enough, i will relent and give it to him.

i understand the love of the paci.
i had many as a child.
i used them until i was 3 or 4 years old.
then my thumb replaced my beloved paci.

( and it should be noted that i was the only one in my family who did not wear braces)

the paci has become
a point of contention in our household.
it bothers ph much more than it does me.

i know that chace will not
go to college with his beloved paci.
ducky may go, but paci will not.
i also know that he will not take it kindergarden
his first soccer practice or his first sleepover.

but my precious husband is not if the same mindset.
he sees it in his mouth when he comes home from work
and it makes him crazy.
he thinks his 2.5 year old son does not need a paci.

my idea?
well i am out of town the next two weekend.
i think it would be a perfect time
to throw out the paci.
ph has much more will power than i do.
and since it bothers him, i think he should be the one to do the dirty work.

do you like my idea?


  1. I don't know...2.5 doesn't seem that old to me. I'm kind of of the philosphy that if it makes them happy and does no harm, then carry on. Drives my husband nuts!

  2. We put tiny cuts in our son's paci. He didn't like it after that and tossed them out on his own.