craft show musings

Sunday, September 16, 2012

today, i participated in Artist Row,
a craft show held at our public market.
i did this show last year
and really enjoyed it.

craft shows are alot of work
and filled with anxiety.
will i be accepted?
will i sell anything?
will anyone like my work?
it goes on and on....

this being said,
i enjoy these shows.
i catch up with old customers
and friends
and make new ones.
the people watching is pretty fantastic.
and the things that you over hear people say about your work is well..

here are some of my favorites from the day: ( followed by what i wish i could say)

do you paint your own fabric? ( paint? what about this fabric looks painted? if i had time i would design my own fabric, some day i will, but i am too busy to design it much less paint it)

$20 for that? ( what the hell do you mean? do you know much that fabric cost? if you want cheap buy something made in china by a small child.)

i could make that.
i should get out my sewing machine.
i am going to ask my mom to make me one. ( i hear this over and over again. i am sure you could make it, but you dont and you wont, so you should just buy it. and even if you tried, you could not replicate it. i have a style all my own and i am good at putting fabric together and you cant do it like i do, but go ahead and try and let me know how that works out for you.)

you make all this? ( who do you think made it? my elves)

where do you buy your fabric? ( i could tell you, but i would have to kill you.)

do you have a website? ( didnt you just read my business card?)

i think you should make...... ( i am sure i could make it, but i dont because i dont want to.)

and my favorite

the old ladies who pick up my work and examine every single stitch hoping to find some glaring mistake, put it down and then tell me that it is well made. ( in this case i smile, say thank and feel very satisfied.)

it was a great show
but ph and i just chuckled
okay, we laughed pretty hard
over some of the things we heard people say.

i wonder what they will say in utica?


  1. I had a few people at a craft show last week ask who painted the paintings (or even just didn't realize they were painted and just thought they were printed like that, I guess). Uh, duh -- it was me. That's why I have the booth, you sillies.