Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you met the newest member of our family?
Before you get excited....
It's not a puppy or a pony
We are not expecting another child.
Let me repeat.
We are not expecting another child.
Although this project has taken 
Almost 9 months to complete.

Last April I embarked on a path to take
My business go the next level.
To get serious about my work, thus 
Making my creative endeavors 
More than hobby .

Scary. Yes!
But I believed in my product.
Believed that this is part of cooper's gift
And I owed it to him, myself and my family
To take a leap of faith.
To follow my heart
My dreams
And leap!

I am so proud to share with you.
I am giddy, nervous, excited, 
Anxious, scared and inspired 
By what the future holds.

And I hope you will come along 
On the journey!


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